I Will Not Run is out already

Hey all,

My second book is out already, can’t believe it! Where did the months go? Well,  actually it’s up for pre-order now and available on August 19.

Click here to go to the Amazon page

I Will Not Run

I Will Not Run is a tense suspenseful read with big dollops of romance. You can read the blurb on the Amazon page if you’re interested.   I had such fun writing scary.

Have a good weekend everyone.


5 thoughts on “I Will Not Run is out already

  1. Yipee!!! So excited for you! I tried to leave a comment and it won’t let me….grrrrr….. Got it on preorder so I can have it on my Kindle. Congratulations!!!! Will email soon. I’ve been swamped with getting my two high schoolers ready for first day (next Tuesday) as well as buying ‘stuff’ for my oldest who goes off to college the 21st…things will slow down and I will get back into a groove soon. Hope your move is going well—that is even crazier and busier!!! Get the ARC out to review sites asap! Really, really excited for ya! Take care, Rebecca

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