Snippets of Australia

I’ve rounded up a few Aussie facts and photographs to show my American friends.  Because I come from little old New Zealand, I still find these monster things amazing.


Australia is a vast country, and has larger-than-life things like giant road trains.  These trucks travel around The Outback shrinking the distance. The bull bars are a protection against Kangaroos.

Photo - Kevin Trotman

Photo – Kevin Trotman


Australia is home to the largest fence in the world. It is 5,614 km long, and was originally built to keep the dingoes away from sheep and fertile land.

World's largest fence. Photo - Kevin Trotman

World’s largest fence. Photo – Kevin Trotman


Anna Creek Station in South Australia is the world’s largest cattle station. It’s even larger than Belgium.

Waterhole. Photo - Don Shearman

Waterhole. Photo – Don Shearman


Kookaburras aren’t giants, but I love these iconic laughing birds anyway. They’re a reasonably common sight around Sydney. They become quite tame and will allow you to hand feed them scraps of meat. They always whack the strip of beef or chicken against something before eating it.

Kookaburra - photo by Richard Taylor

Kookaburra – photo by Richard Taylor

Kookaburra. Photo by Richard Taylor

Kookaburra. Photo by Richard Taylor





4 thoughts on “Snippets of Australia

  1. Interesting pics as always Elizabeth. I think the thing that distinguishes Australia is the scale of everything and your road train (passing one of those on the road is a nightmare) and rabbit proof fence are examples of that….it’s a country larger than life.

  2. Yep, Australians love big things. I’ll never forget coming here from NZ and seeing the size of the birds and creepy crawlies. We stayed in Lane Cove by the river, and the squawking, soaring cockatoos looked more like pterodactyls.

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