Writing a sequel – really, how?

A colleague wrote something the other day that grabbed my attention. She was writing on the Soul Mate Publishing author loop, asking other writers if they feel the way she does about sequels? She hates the thought of writing one – even  though she knows they’re a damn good idea and sell well.

It was one of those clanger moments for me because I’m one of the few that feels exactly the same way. I wish I could jump straight back into my story and churn out book two. But the thing is, by the end of the story, I’m sick of the characters and their dilemma. I’m busting to go head-first into a brand new project.

All the time you hear about authors writing epilogues and second books using the same characters because they just can’t bare to put their book to bed. I can’t wait to get away. Don’t get me wrong, I’m proud of my book when it’s finished and I’ll keep editing it and adding bits here and there, doing whatever I can to make it better, but once the story is over – it’s over.

I always seem to have another fresh idea in my head. I push it away until the current WIP is finished, and then, let me at it! Right now, I’m just beginning a new book – and it really is a great feeling.


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